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The field of vaporizers is expansive. Even when narrowed down to only dry herb vaporizers, you’re still left with some important options from design to function. Check out some things to consider below:



This is the first and most important choice to make when looking for a portable vaporizer for dry herbs. During True Vaporization, the heating chamber functions similar to a convection oven.  The chamber will evenly heat to a controlled temperature and bake the dry herbs. The dry herbs will discolor and likely turn brown; however, they will not burn and turn to ash. When dry herbs burn, their chemical composition changes resulting in a higher toxin emission. True Vaporization is the healthier way to smoke and truly vape. If this is what you want, you’ll love the Airistech Nokiva dry herb vaporizer. During Basic Vaporization, the heating chamber typically has an exposed coil that provides direct heat rather than the oven-like affect.  The temperature is not controlled and the dry herbs are heated by the touch of the hot coil.  The direct heat will burn the herbs and eventually turn them to ash. You’re technically smoking and a lot of people prefer this. Not everyone is looking for a healthier way to smoke, but rather a more convenient or discreet way.




If you’re going for True Vaporization, every vaporizer in that category has temperature controls. Temperature settings will vary from 200-435 ° F and the amount of control needed is based on a users preference. The average person can get by with 3 settings that are usually evenly spread out from low to high. The higher the setting, the thicker the vapor will be when pulled. If you like to fine-tune your experience, get a vape with multiple settings. The Airistech digital Vaporizers has the most temperature settings, from 300F to 435F, 135F temperature settings.



A vaporizer is used often and it is also shared with friends and family, so depending on preference, you may want something that looks real stylish, or you may only care about the functionality and temperature control. Vaporizers come in all shapes and sizes and some are easy to hold and some can be awkward. Make sure you find what is right for you. The Herbva dry herb vape is cool design with magnetic mouthpiece and touch screen.




The chamber size and amount of dry herbs that can be loaded will vary model to model. Some chambers have the capacity for a couple puffs, and others can be packed much more. The smaller the pack, the more often you’ll need to re-pack. Battery power and capacity will also vary model to model. Typically you can expect a True Vape to last the entire day and longer, but there will be differences and bringing your charger along is never a bad idea.